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What you need to know:


-Each 4-Week Food and Fitness Challenge round will run from a Tuesday to Monday with weigh-ins on Tuesdays. You will be required to text a pic of your weigh in to your coach. Contact your coach for specific challenge dates. 

-There will be a 2-3 week prep period allotted for ordering programs (if needed), pantry prepping, grocery shopping, or getting medical clearance if needed.












-Each person pays $20 to enter the challenge (sent to your coach). 100% will used for the cash prizes at the end of the challenge.

-Each person pays a $45 administration fee (unless ordering an Eating Plan and Fitness Program through their coach). If a participant is ordering their program directly through their coach, the fee is waived. If a participant is using Shakeology auto-ship with their coach, the fee is also waived. 

-A $5 referral credit will be received if you bring a friend on board for the challenge.

-If this is your FIRST CHALLENGE, a coach approved Beachbody Program is NOT required but is HIGHLY recommended.


I feel that having the right tools for the job will set you up for success. This isn't just another one-time-fix. This is a lifestyle change. What are you going to do when you can't afford the gym or don't have time to go? Traveling? Take your DVDs with you or use Beachbody On Demand. We want you to have this tool so that you can succeed in your goals AND so your family can join you in your success.

-Recommended Programs: The 21 Day Fix Eating Plan and Workout DVDs with Shakeology is HIGHLY recommended for the Starter Challenge. This program includes workouts with modifications, an eating plan, and portion control containers. Click HERE to order your Challenge Pack today!

-Why Shakeology? It is a dense nutrition drink that offers powerful adaptogens, antioxidants, has a low-glycemic index, and can replace one of your small meals throughout the day. Shakeolgoy is an easy way to get added nutrition with low calories. If you choose to receive Shakeology on auto-ship and want to join another challenge, the administration fee will be waived. For a short video about Shakeology, click HERE

-If you already have a Beachbody program but did not order directly from your Coach, you will be required to pay the administration fee or choose to order another program through your Coach.

-If you are a Premium Beachbody On Demand Member or on Monthly Autoship for Shakeology through your Coach, the admin fee is waived for the challenge. See your Coach for details.

-A program with DVDs and eating plan can also be purchased without Shakeology. See your Coach for details and options.


-There is a weekly point calendar for each of the 4 weeks

-Each week there is a double point challenge 


-Daily contact with teammate: It’s amazing the strength that comes from encouragement from your community! You can text a teammate or check-in through the face book group. It keeps you accountable for what you do or don’t do.

-Post to FB: We are doing this together! The Coaches will be working hard behind the scenes to keep you motivated and want you to experience the joy in helping others along the way. You can share a success story, recipe, word of encouragement, inspiration, funny story, etc. Please keep it clean. No foul language or inappropriate images. 


-You can exercise every day, but you will only receive points for exercising 5 days a week.


-You need to keep your calories under your target calorie count. If you go over by just 1 calorie, you lose your points in that category. You need to go to Calorie King to calculate your target calorie amount. It will be based upon gender, age, and current weight OR use your Beachbody Starter Guide.

-Notify your leader of your calorie goal. This needs to be a specific calorie count, not a range. You must choose a number within your range. You may choose to use up to 350 calories from your exercise calories. Please be careful not to go too low on calories. It is very important to get ALL of your calories in and get the right portions of high quality foods. 

-There is a sample food journal that you can use, or you can use your own food journal (paper or online via My Fitness Pal or Lose it! or something similar) to track what you eat. IF using the 21 Day Fix as your fitness and eating plan, download the FREE 21 Day Fix App for your convenience. Another great resource is the new 21 Day Fix FIXATE cookbook by Autumn Calabrese for lots of great recipes. 


-Please take the time to choose ONE personal goal and put it on your daily charts. This goal will change every week. This goal can be anything that you want to work on and doesn't have to be food or diet related. Think parenting, marriage, faith, community, attitude, habits, etc.


-Print your trackers and record your daily points. A photo of your first and final weigh-in will be required (sent to your coach via PM or text—no one else will see your numbers). Measurements and before pictures are also required. Changes in measurements and photos will often keep you motivated even if the scale isn't moving much. Changes in body composition don't always show on the scale! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEND YOUR BEFORE PIC TO YOUR COACH. PLEASE SEND SCALE PIC AND MEASUREMENTS.

-You may use any other method of weight loss as long as it is sustainable and healthy.

-Weigh yourself each Tuesday morning and tally up all points. Make sure that you weigh yourself under the same circumstances each week (first thing in the morning, unclothed, and before eating preferred).

-Get your measurements! Non-scale victories are an important part of the journey.

For tips and free printable trackers:


-You will send a weekly PM/text to your coach with your totally weekly points and totally weight loss points for the week. She will keep track of everyone’s points and then will post weekly in the face book group with everyone’s standings. All points are to be sent by 10:00pm on Tuesday. If you don't send stats by that time, you will lose 25 points and will not be posted that week on Stats. It is really important to get these stats out in a timely fashion so that everyone can know where they stand. It can be discouraging to have to wait.

Each week you will send your stats in the following format to make it easy:

1) Current weight:
2) Points from week:
3)*Bonus points: (explanation below)
4) Total points for week:


-Cash prize money will be divided equally between the winner of each category (weight loss goal and points). BOTH PRIZES CANNOT BE WON BY THE SAME PERSON. If one person wins both categories, she/he will receive the Weight Loss prize, and is then ineligible for the points prize. The points prize will be awarded to the 2nd place holder in the points category. In the case of a tie in either category, that prize will be split.

-Coaches are not eligible for the prizes. 


-*Bonus points: Each week, there is a max number of points you may earn (it varies). If you earn every one of those points, you report those points, PLUS a 25 point bonus.

-There are NO exceptions. Points are earned on the honor system. You may break up your exercise into several periods if you choose, but if you only exercise for 29 minutes total, you do not earn points for that day.


More about the Super-Starter Challenge Pack (highly recommended for your FIRST challenge):


1) A fitness program (DVDs)
2) An eating plan (21 Day Fix includes portion control containers, others may or may not include a shaker cup)
3) One month of Shakeology (put on auto-ship but can be cancelled or delayed)
4) One month free trial of the club membership/online streaming of 1,000's of workouts (can be cancelled before the 30 days)
5) Online private FB accountability group
6) Your Coach!

Your Coach can pre-enroll you for a challenge pack which includes the fitness program of your choice, one month of Shakeology, a free trial month of the Club and online accountability. Prices range from $140-$205 depending on which program you choose for the first month in addition to the Challenge Fee of $20. The admin fee is waived. You can also purchase a program without Shakeology. The prices will range from $60-100 for just the dvds and eating plan. ORDER THE 21 DAY FIX HERE OR THE NEW COUNTRY HEAT CHALLENGE PACK HERE

Your Shakeology will be put on Home Direct which can be canceled at any time and costs about $117-$130 a month. In addition, the Club membership can be canceled before the first 30 days. The next month's billing of $40 covers 3 months of membership and online access too 1,000's of workouts. Try them all! Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-470-7870. Reference Coach # 606857.

After your FIRST challenge, each additional challenge group within the first three months will cost $35 unless ordering another program or on Shakeology auto-ship. In that case, only the $20 challenge fee is required. Considering gym fees, gas prices, personal training rates, and more....this is a great deal and one of the best ways to get your health back on track....TOGETHER! :)

Once registered and payment is received, you will receive the welcome packet via email with tracker forms and will be added to the private  FB group page. 

Challenge Group Fees
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